Everything you need to become a successful entrepreneur, work on your own schedule and have a business that supports your work-life balance dreams!

Branding & website combination
An entire brand and website built in one week. One Day for your brand design. 7 days for your website design. The combo has you walking away completely transformed. This is a 7-day design extravaganza where we completely transform both your branding and website in 7 days. One day is dedicated toward your brand design and the rest days are dedicated toward the website. It’s totally up to you whatever works best (And I can help you decide as well.)
5 days website
An entire website built in a 5 days. It includes up to 5 custom website pages, and will look good on every screen size . Here’s What You Get: 1. Website Copywriting guide to help guide you through writing the words for your website. 2. A prep call leading up to design day to review everything 3. A custom and responsive website with up to 6 pages 4. VIP Day Voxer Support 5. The Royal Treatment for an entire day 6. Two Weeks of Follow-Up Support
One Day Brand
An entire brand built in a day. It includes logos, colors, fonts, icons, and whatever else you are needing to create a full brand identity. Deliverables are customized to your needs. Examples of what all we can get done in a day: Logo Design Brand Colors Brand Fonts Icons Mood Board Secondary Logo Social Media Covers Business Cards Brand Patterns
Day of consulations & desing
Consulations & design in few hours. Need some help with “small designs or changes”? Instead of buying full new project I can help you establish changes in day rate. What you can choose : 1. Updating , preparing pictures for your website 2. optimizing pictures for your website changing pictures or text on your website 3. one page new design 4. optimizing text on your website 5. updating plugins
Client training
Need a short course of your website ? What you can expect to learn : 1. How to update & prepare pictures to add to your website 2. Optimizing pictures for your website changing pictures or text on your website one page new design 3. Optimizing text on your website updating plugins
Website audit
Deep analysis of your website, followed by a complete diagnosis of it, in order to highlight the strong and weak points of your website. ( up to 5 pages website ) What audit includes : 1. The user experience audit 2. The technical audit 3. The SEO audit

Design process

Achieve your entrepreneurial dreams with everything you need


Are you dreaming of becoming a successful entrepreneur while maintaining a great work-life balance? Look no further. We have everything you need to get started, including the tools to work on your own schedule and build a business that supports your goals.



I will get you onboarded, and set you up with your own personal canva board to start organizing your content to prepare for your brand/website design.

Prep Call

I get on a call the week before your Design Week to review everything in your Canva board and make sure we are prepped and ready to go for Design Days.

Design Days

This is when the fun happens. You sit back and relax while I bring your brand/website design to life. We’ll have two hours at the end of the last day for revisions.

Follow up

You will get two full weeks of post design follow up support just in case any glitches or questions pop up!

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